The Caliper Profile is not just another personality test - it is a recruitment and development tool for companies serious about achieving top performance.

For over five decades, Caliper has been helping large and small companies hire the right people, develop individuals and build high performance teams by predicting job performance.  The foundation of our work is the Caliper Profile, an accurate and job-matched personality assessment instrument that measures whether an individual has the natural strengths, motivations and overall potential to succeed in a particular job role.

How the Caliper Personality Assessment Can Help

  1. Hiring

    Our job-matched assessments help you hire the right people by measuring your candidate's fit for the role.

  2. Talent Development

    Maximise each employee’s performance by identifying their training and development needs.

  3. Analytics

    Get a clear and concise view of your current talent pool to maximise the effectiveness of your people decisions.

How The Caliper Personality Assessment Works

  • Tell us about the role

    Tell us what you need for success, and we'll measure an individual's strengths and limitations against those requirements.

  • Individual completes the Caliper Questionnaire

    The Caliper online questionnaire can be sent to any email inbox and takes an individual approximately 45 – 75 minutes to complete.

  • A Caliper Consultant writes your customised report

    One of our team reviews the role and writes a customised report comparing the individual’s strengths, limitations and overall potential against your business’ specific needs. We'll send it through to you by email.

  • Telephone Consultation

    With every Caliper Profile, you’ll have a personalised discussion with your Consultant to make sure you receive relevant, valuable insights from the results.